These photos are a small selection of the partis, chocolate and white and the black and white combination we will be concentrating on into 2014 and beyond.  We have a couple of new arrivals on the way and will increase our parti breeding from here on in.


Lovingly breeding quality Labradoodles, Australian Labradoodles and the very exciting Sheepadoodles

Lighthouse Labradoodles – based on the beautiful Mid North Coast at Port Macquarie,  are a medium size breeder of the Multigenerational  Australian Labradoodles and Sheepadoodles. We first became interested in these beautiful breeds while researching for a new family pet.  After many hours of surfing the net into low to non shedding hypo allergenic dogs we settled on a new Labradoodle puppy for our family, this is where our love affair with this beautiful and intelligent breed began.   We have two small children who both suffer with allergy problems, so the low to non- shedding coat of the multigenerational Labradoodle was a major attraction, although this cannot always be guaranteed.  We purchased our first puppy in early 2011 and not long after his arrival my partner and I decided we would like to make a small contribution to the continuance of this breed.

We have some early generation dogs and some multigenerational girls and boys as the foundation of our program and hope to establish a relatively small boutique breeding program, concentrating our lines on chocolates and Parti ( black/white, choc/white), and at various times the other solid colours of Labradoodles.  Our emphasis will be on health and temperament and as the majority of our dogs will live with us on our 36 acres, we will be in a position to study these dogs on a day to day basis, therefore making informed decisions as to who best breed them with to produce the perfect healthy family pet for your family. We will be placing a very small number of our stud dogs in guardian homes as you can only have so much testosterone in one place without there being some issues at times.

All our puppies will be raised here at our home, by my husband, myself and our two small children, with help also from extended family.  They will be exposed to all the noises and happenings of a busy family, handled regularly by our children and socialised  with our other dogs.  This will be an excellent preparation for them before heading out to a family of their very own.

Our female dogs will have no more than three litters, on the odd occasion and depending on health possibly four and all our puppies will be sold wormed, health checked, desexed, miccrochiped and with all age appropriate vaccinations.  They will leave us no earlier than 8 weeks and will be vet checked by our regular vet before leaving the property. If at any stage during their lives they need re-homing we would insist that we help with the process.

My own experience whilst looking for a Labradoodle puppy came up with some interesting facts and please keep in mind this is my experience and my opinion, others may differ.  There were a number of large facilities operating multimillion dollar breeding programs and boasting state of the art facilities, and for some this may be the way they choose to go when looking for a family pet, but for us it was finding a breeder that dealt with all their own dogs on a day to day basis and have become to know these dogs like the back of their hand. I suppose you could say we were looking for a boutique style breeder.  For us it was like comparing Woolworths with the corner store!!!!!  Having grown up on properties and worked with working Kelpies and Cattle dogs and having spent some time working in a Veterinary surgery I know you have to spend a lot of time with any one dog to truly get to know their temperament and personality, so that is why we operate and will continue to do so on a relatively small and personal scale, keeping a very close eye on all our dogs!!

Visits to our property will be allowed to meet your puppy after that puppy has had his first vaccination or to collect your pup when it is ready to leave. We do not do drop in visits I am sorry as we just dont have time to allocate to this – we had to set some guidelines and stick to them due to time constraints – and the fact that we also have a young family who we need to dedicate time to. There will be no exceptions to this rule sorry.

Lighthouse Labradoodles are full members of the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders, carry out a vet Audit on our property annually and abide by a code of ethics as set out by the AAPDB to ensure we maintain a high standard when it comes to the welfare and management of our dogs.

Please visit our website and face book page regularly to keep up to date with all the happenings at Lighthouse Labradoodles.