Guardian, or host, families are very important to any breeding program.  Having breeding dogs living in guardian homes allows a breeder  to produce high-quality dogs and allows the host family a lifetime pet at no initial cost. The dog’s everyday expenses are paid for by the host family and all costs related to breeding are covered by the breeder. The dog needs to be living within an hours drive of the breeder and available for breeding purposes three to four times during the length of the breeding contract for females and a few times a year for a male dog. After the dog has completed it’s breeding career (3 -4 years, or the length of the breeding contract) he or she will be neutered or spayed  at the expense of the breeder and given to the host family at no cost. This is a wonderful way to obtain a high-quality family dog for free and make an important contribution to an up-and-coming breeding program.


We are breeders engaging in breeding Labradoodle dogs.  Our dogs are considered beloved members of our family.  We created a Guardian-Home Program to grow our breeding program while still providing each of our breeding dogs with a loving environment in a guardian family.  By joining our Program, you desire to and act as a guardian for a Labradoodle dog that is either a female potential breeder or proven breeder or a male potential breeder or proven breeder, subject to the term of our Agreement. PLEASE CLICK ON THE READ MORE BELOW TO SEE OUR AVAILABLE PUPPIES We sell all our puppies for $2000 inc GST and this price covers Mic, vac, worming, flea treatment, health check, and desexing.

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