Krakajak Java

A huge big thankyou to Sarah and Murray from Krakajak Labradoodles for allowing us to add this gorgeous girl to our program. A beautiful deep red standard girl with a curly fleece coat. Hip score total of 6 and clear dna testing. Looking forward to her puppies.dsc09937

Lighthouse Starlight


This gorgeous girl has joined us here at Lighthouse Labradoodles all the way from New Zealand and we are very excited to be adding a phantom labradoodle to our family.  She has a stunning multigen labradoodle black phantom mother and her father is a beautiful purebred cocker spaniel with a fabulous rich chocolate colouring.  Star will bring some new and exciting phantom lines to our program, and we hope we will see some adorable puppies from her in 2014.

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Vineyard Pebbles


This little girl came to us from Leigh at Vineyard Labradoodles in Perth and is a little gem.  She is mini to small medium in size and has a lovely soft chocolate wool coat. Pebbles is the daughter of our own Kiwi Pride Mr Maverick and is a real chip of the old block!  Pebbles is going to look a lot like her Daddy.  A lively little girl who likes to spend most of her time at this stage of her puppy life running around the yard with the other puppies and stalking magpies!  I am sure she is convinced thats its only a matter of time before she catches one!  We look forward to beautiful puppies from this young lady in a year or so.


Lighthouse Sydney


Sydney is a spoodle and is an angelic little girl who is most happy asleep on someones lap.  She is one of the most affectionate puppies we have had here at Lighthouse Labradoodles and we hope she will add some new and exciting colours to our program, including phantom and parti.  She has the most beautiful soft fleece coat and came all the way to us from a wonderful breeder of spoodles in New Zealand. 

Sunflower Guerlain – aka Kiwi


This adorable choc fleece multigen large medium size girl joins the Lighthouse Labradoodles family all the way from Sunflower kennels in New Zealand   She is a beautiful, very even tempered little girl who just loves to have lots of cuddles and tummy rubs! Kiwi, as she is affectionately known here is from a long line of Sunsethills and Rutland manor dogs, her father is Kiwi Pride Prince Caspian. She has successfully passed all her health testing – including hip and elbow and dna profiling and is a very valued member of our family. So far she has produced some gorgeous puppies and we have one more litter from her in 2017 and then she will retire and live our her years here with us.

Lighthouse Gypsy


This adorable little girl is one of our up and comings and hopefully will be part of our breeding program early in 2014.  She is the daughter of our own Lighthouse Storm and Wisteria Ziggy from Wisteria Labradoodles at Ballina.  She has a beautiful chocolate and white fleece coat and will grow to be medium in size.  We will be keeping a close eye on this girl and are hoping for great things from her once she is health tested towards the end of 2013.


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Burrinjuck Gucci


Gucci is our adorable small standard girl all the way from Victoria, she is a stunning colour, bordering on chalk with a lovely soft fleece coat and we hope to see some puppies from her towards the end of 2013.  She lives with her guardian family here in Port Macqurie and is a cherished member of the family.

Lighthouse Pierre


Our Standard Chocolate Poodle stud boy came to us with a long pedigree name but here at Lighthouse we call him Pierre.  The breeder he came from has been breeding and showing standard poodles for over 40 years and produced some of Australian best show dogs.  He is a lovely dark brown in colour and has a very gentle,  placid temperament.  He will contribute to our breeding program into 2013.

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Lighthouse Winslow Pilot


Pilot is a Standard chocolate and white parti coloured Poodle and we are excited, to say the least, to add him to our group of beauties.  All going well he will bring some new parti lines to our Labradoodle breeding program towards the end of 2014  and beyond.  His parents were imported from America by one of the only breeders of Standard Parti poodles in Australia, so he is therefore quite a find.  Even though these adorable little creatures were not considered desirable by poodle breeders all over the world and in some places still arent, we think they are just the stunning and hope he will add all sorts of excitement to our parti Labradoodle lines in the future.  Watch for more photos of this little chap as he grows and matures into a big boy! Hip score of 6 and clear dna testing.

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Lighthouse Dodger



This lovely medium size boy will join our program by the end of 2012 and comes all the way from America with some well known Rutland Manor parti lines behind him.  He is a proven stud having produced 11 puppies in his last litter.  He is a chocolate and white parti coloured Australian Labradoodle and once again will play a big part in our parti colours we hope to introduce in 2013.  He will enable us to increase the size of the puppies to a large medium/small standard size dog as he is a larger dog than our other stud Bandit.  He has excellent health test results and along with our new parti girls it should prove to be an interesting year with them.

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Lighthouse Storm

#7 8wks A
Storm is our beautiful standard Parti coloured Poodle and she came to us from a breeder of these adorable dogs who resides in New Zealand.  She is an extremely elegant girl as she floats around the back lawn and at times looks to be thinking she is much too good for the rest of the crew!!  Storm is nearly a year old and we will be carrying out all relevant health testing before we breed with her in 2013. She will be included in our Parti breeding program.

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Lighthouse Sassy Girl


This gorgeous little girl is an Australian Labradoodle and has now joined us all the way from Manorborn Labradoodles in the UK.  She brings to our breeding program a long line of Rutland Manor and Tegan Park lines and will add something very special to our parti breeding. She is a medium size girl and has a beautiful choc and white parti coloured fleece coat.  We will be looking forward to puppies from her in 2013.  We cant wait!!!

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Lighthouse Chilli


What a gorgeous soft gentle nature this little girl has, she is the most placid and casual Labradoodle I have met!! She is an early genereration Labradoodle with a stunning red loose wool coat.  She is a gentle sole and very good with any of the new puppies we have had here.  She is not a very energetic dog, prefering to let the other dogs chase the ball while she sits back quietly and watches, but a pleasure to have around. She will also have her first litter of puppies sometime early in the new year.

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